Centennial Invisalign® Treatments

Teeth Straightening Methods

Many people wish that they could enjoy a straighter smile without having to deal with braces or metal wires. Our Centennial dental office is proud to announce that we offer Invisalign® treatments, which straighten teeth without brackets or bands. This proven technology allows you to gradually straighten your teeth with clear, practically invisible trays. Braces, even for some young adults, can seem childish and embarrassing. We understand that improving your smile improves your confidence, which is why we want to help.

This clear alternative will allow you to pursue a more beautiful smile with little to no hassle. When you meet with Dr. Nicolosi, she will help you decide if Invisalign is the best option for you. This easy, simple teeth straightening method will bring you the results you want, without compromising your comfort. Thousands of people have already benefited from Invisalign; it’s time for you to discover how it can improve your smile.

How is Invisalign different?

As a clear alternative to braces, Invisalign® works by using a series of invisible liners, regularly adjusted with your progress. They are not only invisible, but removable and comfortable. This means you won’t have to sacrifice favorite foods or drinks. You simply remove the liners and enjoy popcorn at the movies or a freshly picked apple. As long as you maintain proper brushing and flossing, your teeth and gums will remain healthy.

Similar to braces, Invisalign® will be covered under your orthodontic insurance. If you don’t have this type of insurance, you can make an affordable payment plan with our office. Through 3-D computer imaging, we are able to map the complete treatment of your teeth, from start to finish. We will make aligners that help your teeth shift, replacing them about every two weeks. Gradually, your teeth will begin to become as straight as you wanted.

If you would like more information, you can contact our office at (720) 488-1388 today.