Only Preva DC offers such a powerful combination of features designed to provide incredible flexibility, razor-sharp images and years of productivity.

  • Adjustable kV, mA and time
  • 0.4mm focal spot
  • Large, easy to read display
  • Unique sensor selection feature
  • Easy to understand icons
  • Unsurpassed arm stability


Dentrix Henry – Schein

Dentrix-G5-Grouping-with-Reflection (1)

Henry Schein Dentrix is the foundation for today’s modern digital dental office. With its powerful office management and clinical tools, combined with its integrated eServices, Dentrix helps you deliver the best patient experience possible, while ensuring your team is productive and your practice is profitable. With the release of Dentrix G5, Dentrix becomes an expandable, secure “platform” that connects your electronic services and other “Dentrix Connected” solutions into one powerful Dentrix system, which saves your team a lot of time. Featuring new electronic claims management tools plus updated mobile software for the iPad and smart phones, Dentrix is sure to boost your productivity—and your bottom line.