Meet Our Staff

Dr. Patricia Nicolosi, D.D.S.Dr. Patricia Nicolosi

Originally from Argentina, Dr. Nicolosi graduated with a degree in dentistry in 1988. She worked there for about a year before moving to the United States with her husband. Unfortunately, the US did not recognize her dental degree from Argentina, so back to school she went. She attended the University of Colorado, Health Science Center and, with a degree in dentistry, graduated in 2000–again! This time she opened her office right away, and has been in her current location near E. Arapahoe Rd and S. Holly St for the last 10 years.

Dr. Nicolosi has six children, 5 boys and a girl. The whole family loves soccer, and in fact three of the boys play. She also enjoys classic guitar, attends church regularly, and enjoys taking part in many church-related activities.